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I've had the incredible opportunity to grow my marketing skills in writing, design, video, and business analytics. The following projects are from course work and my marketing internship at iXsystems.


I have had a variety of opportunities to write marketing material that can resonate with an audience.


During my internship at iXsystems, I created email campaigns to promote our quarterly specials in addition to providing updates on some of our resources, such as case studies. 

While at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, I was involved in three AMAze Groups where we helped corporate partners with their marketing efforts. I also had the opportunity to co-lead the Fall, 2023 AMAze group for the Widowed Parent Relief Project, which required communicating to my teammates and our corporate partner.

The AMAze Group Widowed Parent Relief Project Fall 2023 Marketing Strategy, Co-Lead by Matthew Barlow

Design Projects

While studying at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, I had the opportunity to take a visual marketing class. During the course, I created display ads, social media designs, and even product labels.

I have also had the opportunity to create brochures and business cards, such as for the Saint Mary's Legacy Clinic during an AMAze group project, to gain experience in designing for print. 

Artist's Alley Marketing Design Project by Matthew Barlow

Video Work

I believe I have a gift for storytelling. I have continued developing this talent by taking on video projects while at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and interning at iXsystems.


While at iXsystems, I co-created and edited three company videos, such as the Faces Behind TrueNAS video, to highlight the people at the company behind the product. I have also co-created and edited a testimonial video for the Widowed Parent Relief project.


I enjoy capturing unique moments in life and telling a captivating story through photography.

My love of photography goes back to my teenage days when I took product pictures to re-sell items on eBay. Ever since then, I have taken part in several product photography projects, including a group class project where we marketed a line of scented candles. 

I also enjoy nature and wildlife photography during my free time to continue developing my strengths in capturing captivating visuals for marketing materials.

One of Matthew Barlow's school project at the University of Tennessee Knoxville was for his visual marketing class where they marketed a line of candles through effective design and visuals.
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