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Video Work

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work on several video projects. All of these projects have provided the chance to immerse myself in the process of planning, filming, and video editing. 


The Faces Behind TrueNAS | Chapter 1

This video highlights the wonderful people who work at iXsystems and provides a look into the journey of developing our TrueNAS storage software. 


Widowed Parent Relief Project: Parent and Volunteer Testimonials

While co-leading the AMAze group last semester, I worked with the group to create a short 5-minute video that highlights the support the Widowed Parent Relief Project has provided for families.


The Making of TrueNAS Enterprise F-Series

I worked with the marketing team to highlight an Enterprise server sold at the company in a 2-minute video. I worked with the team to edit and co-film the video.


Hiking One Minute Highlight

For my marketing class at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, I created a short 1-minute video to highlight my passion for hiking. 

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